Tuesday, August 19, 2008

san sebastian church facelift

Visited San Sebastian Church yesterday and i'm surprised and glad to see its new color. Seems they are doing some beautification in the only all steel gothic church in Asia.

The Church of San Sebastian is a declared National Historical Landmark per Presidential Decree No. 260. State funding was accorded to the church through the National Historical Institute which undertook restoration of the church since 1982. The Recollect community has likewise expended funds for the church's maintenance and restoration. In addition, the church was listed among the 1998 World's Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Watch. - UNESCO World Heritage Centre


Anonymous said...

A few days ago I posted a Baste photo that shows its sad state so it's really nice to know the Recollects have finally done something.

I prefer the old gray-ish blue color. But then again I only had every bad adjective when they repainted the city hall white. And now I'm liking it a little.

pusa said...

yeah im happy that they are repainting the church, because the last time i saw it rust are already eating away the church :)

yeah it take some getting used to liking the new color

Anonymous said...

The color they used looks nice on the church. I like all three pictures.

Senor Enrique said...


I always get excited when some restoration or maintenance project is going on in Manila. I have got to stop by San Sebastian and check this out.

Wonderful pictures, too. Nice close up shot of the workers. But those darn wires and cables ... hehehe.


pusa said...

@abraham lincoln - thanks! :)

@senor enrique - yeah its nice to know they are doing something about it, thanks! yeah i dont know how to remove cables and wires in my photos, ... i just think that spiderman just passed by the area hence his spiderwebs are hanging everywhere :D

Tita said...

That's a beautiful cathedral. Great pics!

pusa said...

thanks tita!

Sebastian said...

i love st sebastian

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