Saturday, August 30, 2008

a tailor's house

i saw a man inside the intriguing door and he looks busy with his sewing machine but he smiled and said it was okay to come inside and take photos.

according this old man (my bad i forgot to ask his name!) this house used to be tailor's shop and is owned by the salazar family. i just find it touching to see that it is still a tailor's house, if you read out the signage from yesterday's post there is a Leo tailoring, accepts all kinds of uniform" (hmm maybe the man's name is Leo hehehe) thanks to him for being accomodating and answering our questions and giving a bit of sotry about this old house :)

i love the overall look of this old house, and you know what its pretty cool inside (feels like i was inside one of the dungeons at fort santiago) i dont know if its because how those old houses were made or because of the forrest that you can see at the back.


Hilda said...

Waah, I love the courtyard!!! Another house that would be such a joy to renovate!

Anonymous said...

I've been to this place in Hidalgo. Unfortunately, this places are falling apart and there is nothing being done, its sad to see.

pusa said...

@hilda and nord - yeah sayang talaga its slowly faling apart :( sana mapondohan noh

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