Thursday, August 28, 2008

F. R. Hidalgo

This is F.R. Hidalgo Street, (named after Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo) a famous street within Manila because of its history and the grand old houses that lined its street, not to be confused with another Hidalgo Street within Quiapo that is famous as a photographer's haven which i've already featured here. From this photo you can see the towers of the San Sebastian Church and this street also ends up at Quiapo Church. I'll be posting more photos taken from F.R. Hidalgo street (mostly old houses). I really love this street, reminds me of the old houses at Taal, Batangas... and it think i've already said it in this blog that i'm a sucker for anything that is old. =)

You can also check out SeƱor Enrique's Hildago Street Revisited


Anonymous said...

It is a pretty neat street with lots of color, and noise, and signs of all kinds. It must be a photographer's paradise. I have closed my Brookville blog for a while to clean it up but you can still find me on Thunder-maker and Dances on Sunshine.


pusa said...

@abraham - yeah it is a photographer's paradise. so i've read in your blog earlier, i hope you're fine, i'll check your other blogs

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