Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LRT on fire

The LRT (Light Rail Transit) is on fire these days - the LRT Line 1 has suffered three consecutive fire near its station. FB Harrison Megaplex near the LRT Baclaran Station is still on fire after a day and a half! The fire started sunday evening and when i went to work this morning, LRT trains travel until EDSA station only.

And less than a week ago (aug 4), Good Earth Plaza near Carriedo Station caught fire which lasted almost a whole day as well interrupting the LRT operation at the said station.

The July 17 fire at Pure Gold Plaza near the Libertad LRT Station also disrupted the LRT services wherein the train only travel from Monument until Gil Puyat (Buendia) station. I remember i got in the office at past 11am that day.

Hmmm three in a row, so they say things comes in threes! hopefully no more fire

Photo: a fire truck inside the museo pambata

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