Sunday, July 08, 2007

another eiffel in manila

The San Sebastian Church, located at Legarda St. Quiapo, Manila. Known as the only all steel gothic church in Asia. After being destroyed by fire and three earthquakes, the priests/friars decided to use steel for the church to build and earthquake-proof church. Design for the church was finished in 1883 and was prefabricated in Belgium. The completely knocked-down church was shipped backed to the Philippines in 6 ships. It weighed close to 50,000 tons.

My only concern on this beautiful structure is that it's starting to deteriorate, if you look closer at the photo you would notice rust bleeding in the facade of the church. The church was listed among the 1998 World's Most Endangered Sites...

Here's how San Sebastian church looks inside...

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reyna elena said...

Wow! When I was doing my CPA Review sa PSBA (*teka *think* review ba yon o nangopya*?)

Our friends decided to go to San Sebastian Church eh kasi di ko alam na me culture na pala akong nakatago noon pa. I think na untog ang aking pantasya how people build those buildings tapos kinakatok namin ang i remember ingay nga talaga nang lansang he he he!

But it's nice nakapos yong loob coz i've never been inside.

travelphilippines said...

i would love to drop by and pray in san sebastian one of this day.

Sivaluk Suk-Iam said...
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