Sunday, August 24, 2008

ma mon luk

Ma Mon Luk at Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo, Manila

the last ma mon luk restaurant in town, the chinese restaurant that is said to invent mami as we know it. it still has its regular customers and others who drop by to taste its famous mami-siopao- siomai, a food trip down the memory lane to others. Please read A Mami Love Sonata (the newspaper clipping of this article adorn its walls) to get the history behind this famous joint.

the restaurant doesnt look much, its no frills kind of setting doesnt bother its suki, the restaurant didnt change much, same old fan and a very utilitarian dining tables. tomorrow i'll post the yummy siopao and of course mami and siomai :)


fortuitous faery said...

ohhh....i know this place! one time talagang sinadya ko to puntahan after visiting quiapo church. i ordered noodles and siopao. then i marveled at how the place still exists. :)

bertN said...

Buhay pa pala yang Ma Mon Luk restaurant na iyan sa Quezon Blvd! I used to eat there when I was in college and as a young professional.
Laging siopao at siomai ang order ko. I seldom order mami with my siopao dahil nabubusog ako kaagad. Mahina pa kasi akong kumain nuon LOL.

Hilda said...

Uh-oh, I better make sure my husband doesn't see tomorrow's post — he loooves Ma Mon Luk! And hates the fact that the branch along Katipunan Avenue closed years ago.

Hilda said...

It's weird — why does your thumbnail in CDP appear only as a black square? It's been like that for almost a week now.

pusa said...

@fortuitous faery - yeah i still wonder how they were able to keep the place as it is, that restaurant has remained the same since i first saw it decades ago... and still keeps on drawing customers.

@bertN - yeah still open and kicking hehehehe. yeah kakabusog talaga pag order mo siopao at mami hehehe

@hilda - i guess you should bring your husband here and enjoy ma mon luk again and a chance to visit quiapo too!

hmmmm is it? wonder why, maybe its because all my post this week has been scheduled, have to check it with igor, thanks!

dane zarlie said...

i know this place??? my ex boyfriend marco cabalquinto bring me here and proud to treat me...hayyyy!!! si panyong ko...saan man sya sana ok lang sya...


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