Wednesday, August 05, 2009

final goodbye

today we say our final goodbye to president corazon aquino, as of writing this the funeral procession is still on its way to her final destination at the manila memorial park, thousands of filipino showed up to show their gratitude and pay their last respect to a great woman. it so heartwarming to see the filipinos as one, untied and patiently waiting, it didn't matter that it was raining, that most haven't eaten yet and has been waiting for hours,... it is really heartwarming to see and be part of this history.

more photos of cory aquino's funeral procession below

please note that the funeral photos i have is only from the cathedral down to quirino, manila... would love to cover and join the funeral procession to manila memorial park but i am too tired alread. sorry.
this is tita cory's coffin about to leave manila cathedral over a shower of yellow confetti, and its so nakakakilabot thearing people chant "cory! cory! cory!" while clapping 

not sure what this girls are but they were lined up together withthe generals and policement in front of the manila cathedral and they were leaving the formation when the truck left.

people flashing the L or laban sign as tita cory's coffin pass them, all the while chanting cory's name.  
someone will just shout cory and other's would follow suit.
the coffin along intramuros on its way to roxas boulevard< its amazing to see and feel the energy of the people, some waving in their self made poster showing how much they love president cory, and maybe their way of saying thank you
it didnt matter that the weather was erratic and it was raining from time to time... and no the flood didn't matter as well, some even just walk barefoot with their slippers hanging on their hand
you can just feel the energy, you wouldnt believe that these people have been waiting for hours, some waving their hands, wearing yellow ribbons, other brought flowers
the crowd is so huge, last estimate they have is about more than 200,000 people 
and yes there were lots of kids, parents who were probably part of the edsa people power revolution in 1986 and wanted to bring their kids and let the future generation show how it was before
and there were balloons... after joining the funeral procession from the manila cathedral to kalaw, i decided to go to quirino lrt station and wait for the convoy there. by the way lrt stations has been playing the tie a yellow ribbon non-stop
the quirino lrt station was already pack with mediamen and people were already patiently waiting and lining the streets... its just amazing.
the crowd at quirino flashing the L sign and cheering as the truck passes by
goodbye tita cory! 
thank you!

Monday, August 03, 2009

“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.” - Corazon Aquino (1933-2009)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

saying goodbye to cory aquino

it is really true that the filipino nation have loved cory aquino... i think she is the only politician aside from her husband, ninoy aquino, whom the filipino people can trust... forget some of the things she ay have done or not done during her six year term as president, but everyone knows that she has integrity and is sincere, that is why even up to now the filipino people look up to her. and most of us would be forever grateful to her greatest legacy.. and that is bringing back democracy to this country... which unfortunately due to greed of power of some, that democracy that she fought for with millions of filipinos during the people power revolution in 1986 is being threatened again, may you keep on praying and guiding this nation tita cory.

anyways here are some of the photos of people who wanted to say their last goodbye and give their thanks to the icon of modern woman considered to be the mother of democracy...

people who are lining up in spite of heat and rain just to see her remains which is currently open for public viewing at la salle greenhills.

the stretch of this line is from the gate 5 of greenhills down to ortigas in edsa...
later this afternoon you would notice that the crowd is getting bigger and the line longer and that it has only become a one lane traffic for vehicles
on monday, the remains of president corazon aquino will be transfered to the manila cathedral for public viewing and the interment will be on wednesday, which was declared as special non working holiday.

more photos here

Saturday, August 01, 2009

farewell corazon aquino

a sad day has greeted us this morning with the news that our beloved former president corazon aquino has succumb to the colon cancer that she's been battling for over a year.. it has been expected but the news still brought us sadness and the whole nation is swept with grief over the passing of an icon, the eternal flame that has united filipinos and brought democracy back into this country.  such a sad day indeed! farewell tita cory, thank you so much for everything you've done for our country. 
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