Saturday, August 23, 2008

asociacion feminista filipina

a piece of history in an obscure place, this history tablet is placed in front of the merriam & webster bookstore along avenida, sta. cruz, manila. the tablet says - in a building on this site was organized the asociacion feminista filipina on 30 june 1905.

On June 30, 1905, Concepcion Felix and other Filipino women founded the Asociacion Feminista Filipina (Philippine Feminist Association) in Manila. It was the first women’s club in the country that promoted social welfare and women’s involvement in public affairs.

so it seems that the filipina has learned early to fight for their rights having formed a feminist movement in the philippines as early as 1905. And the asociacion feminista filipina has paved way for Filipino women to the right of suffrage.


BCS said...

This just shows you how uncaring many people are about history... just look at that pipe... LOOK AT THAT PIPE!!! Bastos! Sorry... nakakainis eh.

pusa said...

@BCS - sigh! kainis talaga... my brothere even told me , ikaw lang yata nakapansin nyang landmark na yan eh, because really that plaque is soooo tiny and yun nga natakpan pa ng pipe

BCS said...

I can only but sigh yet again.... siiiiigh...

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