Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Journey inside the human body through a tunnel maze! Welcome to the body works exhibit at the Museo Pambata.


Tita said...

Great shot! This museum looks fun.

Tash said...

So scary! :) and eye-catching photo. Nicely done.

Baruch said...

Oh, that looks like fun. What a clever way to teach the children

Hilda said...

Now that sounds like fun! Do they allow adults inside the maze? I'd like to go through it with my nieces!

pusa said...

@tash - yeah a bit scary at first if you look at it but it sure is fun :)

@baruch - yes, lots of fun and educational at the same time

@hilda - yes, you can even play inside together with your nieces, i did! me and my nephews played there :)

JM said...

Wow! Good shot! What a great idea how to teach children!

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