Friday, August 08, 2008


Bakya or wooden clogs were once the most commonly used footwear in the Philippines before the introduction of rubber sandals. This footwear is made from local light wood like santol and laniti. It is cut to the desired foot size before being shaven until smooth. The side of the bakya is thick enough to be carved with floral, geometric or landscape designs. Afterwards, the bakya could then be painted or varnished. Uppers of plastic or rubber will then be fastened using clavitos (tiny nails) and the bakya is now ready to wear.

The bakya was very popular in the 1950s and was a common souvenir for Americans visiting the country. However, the bakya industry dwindled with the introduction of rubber slippers or what we call now flip flops. Today it is rarely used although it is a common footwear used during cultural presentations.

There was even a popular song BAKYA MO NENENG, click here to listen to Bakya Mo Neneng and sing along with it :)

Bakya mo, Neneng,
luma at kupas na
Ngunit may bakas pa ng luha mo, Sinta;
Sa alaala'y muling nagbalik pa
Ang dating kahapong tigib ng ligaya.
Ngunit, irog ko, bakit isang araw
Hindi mo ginamit ang bakya kong inalay?
Sa wari ko ba'y di mo kailangan
Pagkat kinupasan ng ganda at kulay.
Ang aking pag-asa'y saglit na pumanaw
Sa bakya mo, Neneng, na di pa nasilayan.
Kung inaakalang 'yan ang munting bagay,
Huwag itapon, aking hirang,
Ang aliw ko kailan man.

The word bakya may also be used in the Philippines to denote something that is of "low-class", "unsophisticated" or "cheap".


Layrayski said...

nice bit of info about the lowly bakya. :) The yellow one looks cute.

Hilda said...

Gosh, I haven't seen any bakya in ages! These are pretty.

babooshka said...

Cheap low class or not, I would rather have these than rubber crocs anyday.

pusa said...

@layrayski and hilda - cute noh, cant remember when was the last time i put on bakya :)

@babooshka - totally agree on you, i would prefer these bakya over crocs antyime of the day :)

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