Monday, November 17, 2008

plaza fair

Plaza Fair located at Plaza Lacson, Carriedo, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Plaza Fair is one of Manila's first shopping centers, thriving when Escolta used to be Manila's fashion hub. Just beside the Plaza Fair is Isettan Department Store and across it the firse ever sm store used to be called just Shoe Mart.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I like this photograph a lot. I like the horse and carriage too. I think that helps to make the picture.

Gruffydd said...

hhmmmm... I thought Plaza Fair mall was in binondo

CPD prayer group said...

agreed with Abraham lincoln but one thing i like to point out is the window dressing of the Plaza Fair shop looks awe full ... they might need to create something to make it attractive not only the inside but also the out side view ... not good for advertising attraction :/

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