Tuesday, November 04, 2008

manila north cemetery

The Manila North Cemetery (or Cementerio del Norte), which measures 54 hectares, is considered the biggest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Metro Manila. Beside it are two other important cemeteries, namely the La Loma Cemetery and the Manila Chinese Cemetery.

The place is still full of people who wanted to visit their departed love ones when i visited the Manila North Cemetery last Nov. 2 and what i immediately noticed is how the living live with the dead, yes there are people who live inside the cemetery and besides the cemetery is surrounded by a residential neighborhood.

The flower vendors inside the Manila North Cemetery, and i could say that their business were doing good especially during the undas or the all saints day celebration when Filipinos flock the cemeteries to pay a visit to their dead loved ones. Mind you its not only flowers and candles that were sold inside the cemetery, there were a lot of food stalls and other stores set up that it feels like you were inside a mall, really! (i'll create a separate post on the vendors and food stalls inside the Manila North Cemetery during Undas)

But what's most interesting in this place is that the Manila North Cemetery has the most number of politicians buried here, from presidents to senators, heroes, artists and even actors of the country. (I will create a separate post with photos of the tombs of notable burials at manila north cemetery)


bertN said...

Near my parent's resting place at Norte, there are live people permanently living with the dead!
It is impossible to get rid of the live ones because they have no other place to call their home. Kawawa naman sila. Igalang lang sana nila yung mga nakalibing duon at yung mga dumadalaw sa kanila.

cheh said...

mamuah,bat hindi ako maka comment sa kabila mo :(

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