Saturday, November 08, 2008

manila north green park

Manila North Green Park is the city's answer to the ever increasing need of space for the dead. It's an apartment type tombs but a bit different than those that you will find in the public cemeteries like La Loma and Manila North Cemetery. It's more like a condominium type, the buildings a three-floor and there a 5 row of crypts on top of another.

According to the flyers i got the crypts they are offering are the first of its kind in the Philippines, and the wall are of granite. And they are offering a cheap but decent burial sites. there are still lots of spaces available left when i checked the place but most probably it wont be long before those apartments are filled.

Too bad i lost the flyer the that was given to me but in that flyer is the plans and how much you have to pay for a space and a contact number as well.


betchai said...

i like the concept actually, for me, i do not want to get so much land that can be otherwise be used for better purpose, i am dead anyway. the cemetery looks very neat, and i like how you capturded the picture, parand hindi cemetery :)

Greg Dimitriadis said...

That's an amazing concept. It looks more like a war memorial...

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