Sunday, November 02, 2008

apartment tombs

According to some death is the equalizer between the rich and the poor but i dont think so.  I visited La Loma Cemetery and Chinese Cemetry yesterday and i just cant help but see the starking difference between the graves, yes there are nice moseleums at La Loma cemetery too but the oppulence of the tombs and moseleums at Chinese Cemetery are in a different level. 

Anyways, this is what apartment tombs look like, photo taken at La Loma cemetery, a cheaper option for the poor and the city's answer to the ever increasing need for more space in the cemtery.  i think this type of tombs are on lease for 5 years and you have to renew your contract with the city government so that the remains of your loved ones will stay there undisturbed, otherwise they will be exhumated and thrown i dont know where.  will the vertical type or the regular tomb be replaced by these apartment type of tombs in the near future?


Anonymous said...

After five years they will be disposed of if nobody is alive to pay the rent. That is, I guess, the true value of the human being when no more money can be made from it. Pitch it out sounds like politicians. Maybe the church could step in and start paying the rent and keep the bones where they are?

Hilda said...

Call me irreverent, but I find cemeteries and their ilk such a waste of space. I like ancient, tribal customs of feeding the flesh to animals or even just to bury without embalming to fertilize the soil. Oh well.

Very thought-provoking post. Thank you. Did you take shots of the opulent ones at the Chinese Cemetery?

Art L said...

This has been going on in some European countries where land is a premium. I guess if
one doesn't pay the lease you're booted out of the apartment. There is always an alternative,
cremation - John Kennedy jr. was cremated - or cryogenics if you are rich and want to be revived several years later where disease is no longer a problem and a very long healthy life is assured, that is assuming earth is still livable at that time.

Layrayski said...

now that is a scary thought!

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