Monday, June 18, 2007

an ordinary day

An ordinary day in the life of an ordinary person in a not so ordinary place.


alice said...

FOr me, nothing here is ordinary at all!

Anonymous said...

Very nice to be able to see the intersection in your city. I like looking at what is there.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I'm afraid that as Alice said, nothing here, it's ordinary. The place, as you said, and -overall- persons and days. Keep up !!!!!

Olivier said...

cette place me fait penser à une place new-yorkaise. comme Alice, rien n'est jamais ordinaire, il se passe toujours quelque-chose

this place makes me think of a New Yorkean place. like Alice, nothing is never ordinary, it always occurs some-thing

Aura said...

sorry, but i dont see anything ordinary in your photo see the street of sta.cruz corner escolta is such an extra ordinary sight for me! its more a surprise for me not to see so many pedestrians & traffic in the area! Thanks for your photos, im rediscovering a new Manila!!
By the way, thanks for your comment in my first blog..

Edong said...

conflict in the city...

a) wide empty space in a usually busy street
b) old Sta. Cruz building against the façade of modern-designed structures
c) freshly-painted street sign pole against the sticker-laden traffic post.

Perfect. Keep it coming.

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