Sunday, November 23, 2008

mac arthur's twilight

I love how brightly the street lamps turned out in this twilight photo (no this isnt manipulated in photoshop) , twas already getting dark when i took this shot but you can still see a tinge of orange in the sky, a soft blush left by the king sun. By the way, you would also notice that half of the lamps were stil not lit, most probably because it's still early then. Tomorrow the close up shot of the lamp on the right side of Mac Arthur bridge.


Nobe said...

you should see the street lamps here in cebu. they were very controversial. hehehe. :)


Guy D said...

Very interesting pic, I love those lights.

Regina In Pictures

babooshka said...

Nicley done reaching out into the distance.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I remember you posted these lights one other time. This one is a nice shot too.

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