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manila north cemetery notable burials

Being one of the oldest cemetery in Metro Manila, the Manila North Cemetery boasts of several famous personalities that is buried in its ground, including former presidents of the philippines, patriots, artists, and of course former mayors of manila. i just put in collage some pictures of the the tombs of these famous and notable person and i'm really amazed to learn that three former president of the Philippines is buried here. As much as i want to feature all their tombs here i have to select a few for the blog to load faster. In the photo above are the tombs of former Presidents Sergio Osmeña, Ramon Magsaysay, and Manuel Roxas.

Aside from former presidents, most of former Manila mayors are also buried at the Manila North Cemetery including Justo Lukban, Manuel Dela Fuente, Arsenio Lacson, and Antonio Villegas. There were also several national artists, patriots, and actors that were buried, the photo above shows the tombs of Jose Maria Basa, Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), and Pancho Villa.

Manila North Cemetery maybe big but if in case you want to visit these famous tombs just follow that main avenue street, most of them are within the main avenue (yes they have street names inside the manila north cemetery) while former presidents tombs are near the main entrance. If you are a fan of Da King or FPJ and wants to see his tomb just walk till the end of main avenue street and turn right, the Poe mouseluem is very easy to find, and if in case you get lost im pretty sure most "resident" can help you find your way.

Below is the complete list of notable burials at the Manila North cemetery.

* Maria Agoncillo-Aguinaldo, wife of Emilio Aguinaldo. Her tomb once occupied the center of the Mousoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion, but was exhumed and reburied at the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite.
* Gregorio Anonas, Doctor of Law, statesman and Economic Infrastructure Builder under the Commonwealth Government
* Arcadio Arellano (), an architect
* Jose Maria Basa (1839–1911), a patriot and friend of Rizal
* Doctor Bonifacio Basa Arevalo - First President of the Sociedad Dental de Filipinas or Philippine Dental Association (PDA), Artist/Sculptor
* Don Juan Arevalo - Captain, Buried at Mousoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion, Assembly Member (Declaration of Philippine Independence, Cavite-Viejo, Province of Cavite, 12th day of June 1898)
* Jose Corazon de Jesus (1896–1932), a poet known as Huseng Batute. Lyricist of the famed protest poem Bayan Ko
* Tomas Cloma, president of the Philippine Maritime Institute, now PMI Colleges. His mausoleum is shaped like a ship, titled SS Last Voyage.
* Doña Narcisa Buencamino vda. de Leon (Doña Sisang), Founder and matriatch of LVN Pictures, Inc. (The "L" of LVN)
* Marcelo H. del Pilar, Philippine author and propagandist. Formerly buried at the Mousoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion under the name Plaridel, it was later exhumed and reburied in Plaridel, Bulacan.
* Pio del Pilar, Philippine revolution figure. Buried at the Mousoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion
* Manuel Earnshaw (1862–1936), a former resident commissioner to the US Congress
* Manuel Elizalde, businessman. Brother of bandleader Fred Elizalde
* Isauro Gabaldon (1875–1942), a former senator and resident commissioner to the US Congress
* Pedro Guevara (1879–1938), a former senator and resident commissioner to the US Congress
* Francis Burton Harrison (1873–1957), a former American governor-general
* Amado Hernandez, Philippine literary icon and labor leader (National Artist)
* Atang de la Rama-Hernandez, wife of Amado, kundiman singer, actress, and Philippine National Artist
* Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo (1853–1913), a painter
* Justo Lukban, a former Manila mayor
* Arsenio Lacson (1911–1962), a former Manila mayor
* Henry Lawton, US general in the Philippine-American War. Later exhumed and reburied at Arlington National Cemetery.
* Benito T. Legarda (1853–1915), a vice-president of the Malolos Congress and first resident commissioner of the Philippines to the US Congress.
* Ramon Magsaysay (1907–1957), a former Philippine president. His wife Luz Banzon Magsaysay is also buried with him, as well as his immediate family members.
* Isidro Marfori, famed Spanish-language Philippine poet
* Tomas Morato, first mayor of Quezon City
* Gregoria de Jesus-Nakpil, wife of Andres Bonifacio, later wife of Julio Nakpil
* Juan Nakpil (1899–1986), a national artist for architecture
* Julio Nakpil (1867–1960), a composer
* Jaime Ongpin, former Secretary of Finance under President Corazon Aquino.
* Sergio Osmena (1878–1961), a former Philippine president. His wife Esperanza Limjap Osmena is also buried with him.
* Quintin B. Paredes (1884–1973), a former House speaker and senator
* Pedro Paterno, 2nd Prime Minister of the Philippines First Republic (Malolos Govt.)
* Fernando Poe, Sr. (1916–1951), a movie actor
* Fernando Poe, Jr. (1939–2004), a movie actor, presidential candidate and national artist
* Gonzalo Puyat, Philippine businessman and tycoon
* Manuel L. Quezon, Commonwealth President. Formerly buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Later transferred at Quezon City Memorial Circle. His son Manuel Jr. now occupies his father's tomb. His wife Aurora Quezon was also buried in a rather undignified tomb, but was exhumed in 2006 and reburied at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.
* Claro M. Recto (1890–1960), a former senator and Spanish language author
* Narcisa Rizal-Lopez, sister of National Hero Dr. José Rizal. His parents, Francisco Rizal Mercado and Teodora Alonso Realonda, were once buried there (near Manuel Roxas and Manuel Quezon), but they were later exhumed and reburied in Calamba, Laguna.
* Manuel A. Roxas (1892–1948), a former Philippine president
* Gerardo "Gerry" Roxas, Sr. (1924–1982), a former senator
* Gerardo A. Roxas, Jr. (), a former representative of Capiz, son of Gerry.
* Trinidad Roxas, wife of Manuel Roxas and First Lady.
* Epifanio de los Santos (1871–1928), historian. The famous Metro Manila avenue, EDSA, is named after him.
* Andres Solomon (aka "Tugo") , rotund Philippine actor
* Pancho Villa (1901–1925), famed boxer
* Jose Vera and wife Dolores Vera, Philippine movie moguls (Sampaguita Vera-Perez Productions)
* Manuel Velarde, Jr. - composer of the popular Philippine hit Dahil sa iyo
* Antonio Villegas (), a former Manila mayor. Formerly buried in Reno, Nevada, USA.
* Teodoro Yangco (1861–1939), former resident commissioner to the US Congress and businessman (Yangco Market).


Anonymous said...

The only name I recognize is Pancho Villa.

It is sad, indeed, that the poor farmer and his wife are not listed among these notables. It is that person who made the country what it is.

Art L said...

A very impressive list. The dates are very relevant it tells you that the famous boxer
Pancho Villa died at the age of 24. And FPJ
died in 2004 after he lost the election.
It's basically a significant list of Who's who in the political history of the Philippines.

fortuitous faery said... went "dead-celebrity-spotting" at the cemetery, eh? :)

bertN said...

How come I am not on the list? The good news is I am still alive and the bad news is I am not famous by any stretch of the imagination LOL. Just being Sunday silly.

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