Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Pedicab or Padyak, a bicycle with a sidecar which is a human powered transportation in Manila and all through out the Philippines. Can accommodate a maximum of three passengers and can easily navigate the narrow streets of Manila, best alternative especially with the high prices of gasoline and when the streets are flooded, even Quentin Tarantino rode a pedicab when he was here in Manila.


bertN said...

The pedicab operator must really have powerful legs to be able to transport three passengers through flooded streets na baka pataas pa ang iba. I can barely pump my bike on a moderate uphill unless I switch several notches to low gears.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I just don't see how they can peddle these and haul people. It must be very hard work. And, they must have very strong legs and big leg muscles.

Photo Cache said...

You have a neat blog.

cheh said...

Na miss ko sumakay riyan habang may hawak hwak na bananaQ hehe

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