Sunday, November 16, 2008


Banana-que is my favorite merienda (snack). Banana-que is a deep fried saba banana and is coated with caramelized brown sugar in a bamboo skewer, it is really delicious, i prefer to eat it hot right off the pan because i love how sticky or gummy the caramelized sugar is, yummy!

Saba banana is the most widely-eaten variety of banana in the Philippines and they are available all year round. You can eat it uncooked when ripe and aside from banana-que there are a lot of dessert variation you can prepare using saba such as turon, banana chips,
and even as ingridients in ginatan, and nilaga.

Turon (see left side of the photo), is sliced saba bananas wrapped in a lumpia wrapper (spring roll wrapper) then deep fry it similar to banana-que, some even include ripe langka (jackfruit) with the banana before wrapping.


Frankie/Nick said...

Oh they do look so good, something I would love to try.

Roy said...

they are really good.

just enough to fill an empty stomach on a low budget ;)

especially when there's buko that goes along with it... high school days, hehe...

will the kamote que follow?

bertN said...

Hanggang ngayon favorite ko yung turon. I usually go to Asian groceries and buy saging na saba and ask my wife to make turon. I cannot understand why my children and grandchildren never like it.

Art L said...

Pretty girl selling turon and banana-que. No different from my niece working at a Mcdonald's
fast food store in San Francisco. They are both
trying to earn a living early in life which will
serve them well in the future.

reyna elena said...

that's not just my merienda hahaha last october 2008 dahil i have no clue how to cook at wala kamong gasul sa balay ko, ginagawa ko syang breakfast lunch and dinner hehehe meron kasing nabibilhan sa condo eh hahaha

betchai_t said...

i miss banana-q a lot, yes, with buko juice :)

here, i can only find turon in filipino stores

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