Monday, September 17, 2007

fort santiago

"One of the oldest fortifications in Manila. Built in 1571, on the site of the native settlement of Rajah Soliman. First fort was palisaded structure of logs and earth. Destroyed in the Limahong attack in 1574. Stone fort built between 1589 and 1592. Damaged in the 1645 earthquake. Repaired and strengthened from 1658 to 1663. Became the headquarters of the British occupation army from 1762 to 1764. Repaired and renovated in 1778. Former headquarters of the Philippine Division of the U.S. Army. Occupied by the Japanese military in 1942 where hundreds of civilians and guerillas were imprisoned, tortured, and executed. Destroyed in the Battle of Manila in 1945. Used as depot of the U.S. transportation Corps before turnover to the Philippine Government in 1946. Declared Shrine of Freedom in 1950. Restoration and maintenance of the fort began in 1951."

Such history these walls have... a silent witness of the passing times. Join me as i tour you inside this fort. By the way, i realized that i am superwoman and i learned how to fly here. Check out the flying cat photos here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting photograph. Nice to read too.

Olivier said...

tristesse je ne vois pas la photo de ton post ;o((

sadness I do not see the photograph of tone post ;O((

Nikon said...

Great history lesson!
I LOVE the flying pics :) I hope that you had fun.

Sidney said...

Nice job in documenting the City of Manila.

Olivier said...

Je vois ce matin la photo du fort, il est superbe,avec toutes ces sculptures dessus. merci aussi pour la le├žon d'histoire

I see this morning the photograph of the fort, it is superb, with all these sculptures above. thank you also for the lesson of history

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