Sunday, June 03, 2007

paluang palayok

Paluang palayok is one of the parlor games played during fiesta celebration... played by children but some adults also play this for fun. The rule of the game is similar to that of piñata, except that instead of a piñata, you have to break the clay pot or the palayok.

The palayok is usually filled with candies, coins, and flour. Why include flour?... it serves as an addition to fun because the player who cracks the pot get showered by the flour and instantly turn into a "ghost". A contestant is blindfolded and a guide will direct the player on the direction and how high is the pot. No limit of contestants here as long as the pot is not broken, kids can line up to have the chance in breaking the pot. Coaching is allowed but sometimes you just have to trust your feet and your instincts because some of the "coach" actually mislead the player. Once the pot is broken, kids immediately try to grab some candies and coins, and the winner gets his prize.

The kid in the photo is my nephew and he just smashed that pot right after this shot to the amazement of everybody. We we're so proud of him cause he hit the pot even though there were about 10 or more kids bigger than him that tried.


Martel said...

I often saw that in films. does that have to give the head which turns not?

Today before and after the principal place of Martel.
My blog photographs on the town of Martel

Anonymous said...

Oh my. That would be fun to see. I like your photograph and the story behind it is very interesting.

Steve Buser said...

Flour, eh? Must be a real sight. No question who the winner is.

Beetle said...

as martel said I saw also on TV in America's funniest home video and usually kids celebrate their birthday

Wonder now if they adapted from your culture?

reyna elena said...

kaka miss!!!

Poli said...

Ang saya naman nung pic! Nostalgic!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Cute!! But pieces of broken pot flying in the air can be dangerous.

The parents look more excited than the child, who probably is not too happy with the blind fold.

pusa said...

thanks you all for visiting

hi martel and beetle,
not sure about the origin of this game, all i know that it has been played by many generations of filipinos

hi ming,
do not worry it is safe, even if the clay pot is broken it doesnt fly or torn into little pieces, since the clay is thick and more often just produce powdery clay when broken

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