Monday, June 04, 2007

swimming through life

This is one of the arts displayed at the Kanlungan ng Sining (Artists' Haven) at Luneta. The Kanlungan ng Sining became the venue and common workplace of exhibits belonging to diverse disciplines. It is home to the Arts Association of the Philippines which holds monthly exhibits throughout the year. Kanlungan ng Sining is dedicated to the Filipino artists and to every Filipino who is an artist at heart.

What draws me to this piece is the way how people seem to move, its like these people are swimming through life... not with ease but still swimming. A reflection of how we live our daily lives, dont you think?


Anonymous said...

Floating or swimming. It seems they are like that.

Olivier said...

belle sculpture, c'est un hommage à Esther Williams

beautiful sculpture, it is a homage to Esther Williams

alice said...

Strange and beautiful...I think I understand what you mean by "not with ease but still swimming"...I wish you a good day, Pusa.

minnie said...

Galing ng mata mo! What's your camera, by the way?

lv2scpbk said...

I like what you said. It makes sense. I wasn't sure what it was at first but it does look like waves.

reyna elena said...

He He He! When i saw it, my initial impression was, ano to? SPERMS?!

He He He

Wag mo kong ma-MTCRB dyan ha?

pusa said...

olivier - sorry dunno if the artist was inspired by esther :) there was no description

minnie - thanks! canon powershot A520 lang po, super low tech :(

reyna elena - hahaha honga no mukha ngang sperm! hala kino-corrupt mo ang mind ko :)

tongue in cheek said...

Isn't this a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing it.
My the waters be calm for you and refresh your spirit.

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