Saturday, June 23, 2007

the met

This is the Metropolitan Theatre on P. Burgos Street near the Manila Central Post Office Building. This art deco building was completed in 1935 by the design of Filipino architect Juan Arellano. This was once the main venue of operas and plays in Manila, but the building was destroyed during the Liberation of Manila in 1945. Reconstructions were made but as time goes by the building fell into desrepair in the 1960s, maybe because plays no longer holds the interest of the Filipinos at that time.

But even in its present state, the building still looks magnificent and the city of Manila is doing renovation to keep this beautiful architecture standing. If you would click on the image for a larger view, you would see men in red shirts at the roof working...changing the roof, and they're almost finished now.

Actually this building is my personal favorite not only because of its beauty but because this is where our high school graduation took place. This is where my friends and I said our goodbyes… a silent witness to the tears that we shed in farewell to our wonderful high school life.

Update (09/24/07): Mayor Alfredo Lim is spearheading the renovation of this theater back to its old grandeur. And that the Manila government is willing to ask big companies to to lend financial support in the restoration. Good news indeed!

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Mommy Chi said...

hi. just passing through.

this place also gave me memories to keep for a lifetime. we frequently had do field trips here during my highschool years (which was eons agon) but the one thing that made the metropolitan theatre unforgettable is that during one of those trips, my friends and i made a pact to be friends for keeps and after almost 10 years we all still remain close to one another :)

Senor Enrique said...

Hi, I believe the Met is now undergoing another series of repairs. Here's an interesting article on it:

http://newsinfo. inquirer. net/breakingnews /metro/view_ article.php? article_id= 72961

Nice capture!

Don said...

Ako din, naaalala ko pa inabutan ko itong MET nung ayos pa. Nanood kami ng play dito nung grade school pa ako... e 80s pa yun haha :D

.cOoH.CoOh. said...

kaka-miss talaga manila.. :(

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Beautiful building but I loved most your touching words.

casie villarosa said...

hi there, may i use this pic for a report i'm writing?

pusa said...

hi casie, yes you can use the picture :)

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