Thursday, June 14, 2007

manila's hibiscus

Yesterday, I showed you the view from the top of LRT, today i am giving you what it looks like down under. As you can see, the LRT pillars are adorned with gumamela (hibiscus) which is the favorite flower of the former Mayor Atienza. He really loves that flower, that in all his public appearances he wears a flowery polo/shirt... and whenever i see a gumamela, i always immediately think of Mayor Atienza.

I have to take this photo and show it to you now, cause i am not sure if the hibiscus drawings will still be around since we already have a new Mayor, and i know that Mayor Lim is not a flower person. I actually missed seeing the Manila City Hall's employees wearing their flowery shirts during their monday mornings flag ceremony… they are just wearing plain white or red shirts now.


the philosphical bastard said...

you can count on it. flowers wither at Lim's presence... that's the aura talking. ;)

Olivier said...

c'est une bonne idee, ces peintures murales sont tres belles

it is a good idea, these murals are very beautiful

Abraham Lincoln said...

This was an interesting custom. And everyone thought it was a great idea while the former mayor was in office but now maybe not such a great idea. I am sure it will go away soon if the new mayor has his say.

Nice shot and good narrative.

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iBlowfish said...

If you didn't mention it was mayor's idea. I thought for second it was one style of illegal street-grafiiti.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I had same thought of iblowfish. anyway this flower it's so nice... And, sorry to say this, who doesn't love flowers (any kind of them), I'm afraid has an unpolite soul.

Steve Buser said...

It would be a shame to lose such a well know trademark.

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