Wednesday, June 20, 2007

by calesa or by foot?

When i took this photo i didnt realized that there was a man in front of me because i was so intent in capturing the calesa passing by, but the man made my photo more beautiful i think... it looked like the calesa and the man were on a race.

I have always been fascinated with calesas, and i really love riding them. Maybe its because they are so scarce now a days that you only get to see them at escolta, binondo, divisoria, and at intramuros. Let me share with you this beautiful calesa song that we used to sing during elementary days.

Kalesa'y may pang-akit na taglay
Maginhawa't di maalinsangan
Nakahahalina kung pagmasdan
Kalesa ay pambayang sasakyan

Kabayo ay di natin problema
Pulot at damo lang ay tama na
Matulin din sa kalsada
Tumatakbong maginhawa
Wala pang gasolina

Kalesa ay panghatid tuwina
Nung panahon nina maria clara
Mga bayani nitong bayan
Sa kalesa'y dinuduyan

Kalesa'y nakaaaliw
Lalo na pag gumagabi
At kung kasama ko ang aking giliw
Mangangalesa na rin kami

Matulin din sa kalsada
Tumatakbong maginhawa
Wala pang gasolina


Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup la caleche sur le cote. voila un transport ecologique

I like much the barouche on the dimension. veiled an ecological transport

Senor Enrique said...

I love riding the calesa myself, and do so whenever possible (before they all disappear from the face of Manila).

Very nice shot!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Oh I like it me too so much ! It give an idea of past in a quiet dimension of life. About the song i would like so much have chance to listen it...!

Poly said...

Dear Pusa:

I have taken time to see almost of your photos.

You show many aspects to us of your city.

Thanks for your commentaries


pusa said...

olivier - thanks for the visits, and yeah calesa doesnt need gasoline, very earth friendly :)

seÑor - thanks! it means a lot to me, and yeah lets ride 'em before they're gone

fabrizio - i found this from you tube, hope you enjoy the song

poly - thanks and hope you'll visit again

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