Tuesday, June 12, 2007

independence day

The Philippines is celebrating its 109 years of independence from Spain today, so it is only fitting that I post Lapulapu’s monument (Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom) on this special day.

Lapu Lapu is known as the leader who defeated the Spanish conquistador, Ferdinand Magellan in April 1521, becoming the first Filipino hero. The 50-feet tall bronze statue depicts Lapu Lapu, not in battle, but standing guard, holding his kampilan (concealed in its scabbard) firmly planted on the ground. His face conveys strength and determination, but with kindness and a stance that exudes power and vigilance. The statue is located at Agrafina Circle, Luneta (what used to be the skating rink), just in front of the Department of Tourism Building.


Olivier said...

Bonne fete de l'independance. Elle est impressionnante cette statue, et merci pour l'histoire. c'est un jour ferie ?

Happy spend of independence. It is impressive this statue, and thank you for the history. it is one public holiday?

pusa said...

thank you olivier, yes it's a public holiday :)

Anonymous said...

A fantastic monument and properly displayed. I like your narrative about it too. A good post.

I have 1 baby raccoon today and a pile of poop!
Brookville Daily Photo

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Happy Indipendence Feast !!! Alway to gain indipendence deserve a great celebration.

P.S. Ferdinadno Magellano was portuguese even if this didn't change a lot.

pusa said...

abraham - thank you for visiting

fabrizion - you were right, he's portuguese but he was under the service of Spain when he reached the Philippines

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