Friday, June 08, 2007


Sorry i dont know what is the name of this dinosaur but i find him cute (i have to ask my nephews, they know a lot more about dinosaurs than me)... anyways this is still inside the children's playground at Luneta, as i have said in my previous post here this playground is different from your usual playground. I actually use my nephews so that i can go inside this happy land :)


Zsolt said...

first I thought it was a crocodile:)

Olivier said...

j'hesite entre ton dinosaure et l'alligator d'isabella (DP Naples) ;o) . Il est impressionnant et superbe.
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

I hesitate between your dinosaur and the alligator of isabella (DP Naples) ;O). It is impressive and superb. I wish you a good weekend

alice said...

Impressive...I hope he only eats grass...

pusa said...

hi all, thanks for dropping by... i didnt realized he looks like a croc :)

alice, i think that he only eats grass... dreadful if he's not :)

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