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This is my answer to all those who were curious as to what is the "white paper" seen from my room from yesterdays post ... olivier was correct in guessing that it has soemthing to do about a festival. Actually those white pieces stringed is not a paper but plastic, a common material we used in making the banderitas (small flags) to decorate our streets during the fiesta celebration.

Fiesta is a spanish word, but is considered as a filipino term in celebrating the feast of the patron saint in each town or barangay... and fiesta is part of the filipino lifestyle, a part and parcel of the filipino culture. Through good times and bad times, the fiesta must go on.

The usual preparation for the feast starts about a week before the actual day, all the residents including children help in preparing these banderitas/small flags weeks before, then the men of the town helped in putting up the banderitas and lights in the street. Why a week? Cause usually there is an "amateur" contest... a stage set up in the center of town and every night conduct a sing and dance contest. You can watch it for free since the prizes to be given were already solicited prior to the event.

On the fiesta day itself, there would be bands stolling the streets performing for the the people. And lots of parlor games are in store for the kids, in our area there is an anual 100km bike race. The celebration varies from town to town but all are colorful and gay... but the highlight of the event is the procession of the patron saint at night.

Ok, you're wondering what is the "girl" doing in the picture... all fiestas have ati atihan performers aside from the bands and this gay person performs as a fire eater in exchange for a few pesos. Here's the list of the famous festivals throughout the Philippines.


slinger said...

This photo is crazy! great capture.

iBlowfish said...

Wow... Excellent captured.

lv2scpbk said...

Wow! I bet she's hot.

Dsole said...

oh! what an impressive shot!!
and who says dragons don't exist??

Martel said...

a beautiful photograph, I am always to ask how it made

This Weekend, I propose on my photo blog on Martel. Before and After.
And amusing, I start with Delfour-Couderc drapery, it was the house of the late arrears Grandparent of Olivier (DP Evry)
(A friend, it is him which me advises to make a blog)
My blog photographs on the town of Martel

Anonymous said...

Weee!~ Fiesta. One of the avatars of our Philippines. :)

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