Monday, November 05, 2007

wedding by the bay

I was taking pictures of anything and everything at Baywalk while waiting for the sunset when suddenly a van full of professional photographers arrived (5 photographers and 3 person who have a video cam with them).. complete with their top of the line cameras (my point and shoot camera got embarrassed LOL) and then followed by a newly wed couple in their jaguar, they had a photoshoot by the bay and of course a photo opportunity i can't resist. I took tons of photos of them (i only pick two photos to show here)and the bride is so beautiful.

You cant blame them for wanting to have a photo session by the baywalk because the sunset here is really amazing, it was just that it was cloudy that afternoon, but had they waited a bit longer it'll be really perfect. I'll show you the magnificent sunset tomorrow.


Kate said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate and photograph an important event. It looked a bit windy, too. I think these impromptu moments offer such wonderful opportunities for bloggers. Good work!!

Olivier said...

belle photo de mariage, quand j'etais à NYC, le Samedi il y avait plein de mariages dans Central-Park, j'en ai profité pour faire des photos

Beautiful wedding photo, when I was in NYC on Saturday there were lots of wedding in Central-Park, I have the opportunity to make photos

M.Benaut said...

It must be the day for photographing sunsets. Thank you for your photo of the wedding couple. A wonderful place to get married !

Professional Heckler said...


I really appreciate the comment you left in my blog.

Thanks for visiting my heckling sanctuary.

You've got awesome pics here!

Ely said...

I wish you have a close up shot of the bride. LOL. Pusa, can't wait for the sunset photos...

Jackie said...

What lovely pictures. Love must be in the air, there's a wedding on Jakarta DP today as well!

HoodPhotography said...

Thats interesting. You usually do not see so many photographers for one wedding couple! I wonder if they were famous or something. Thanks for sharing!

iBlowfish said...

I really like the first picture, just so right with the title.

pusa said...

@kate - thanks! glad i was there at the right time :)

@olivier - i think you should share with us that wedding photos too

@m.benaut - actually they didnt get married by the bay, but there's a curch nearby, they just went to the bay for the sunset background :)

@professional heckler - thanks for dropping by

@ely - i have close up photos of the beautiful bride, i just cant post it, baka magalit :)

@jackie -thanks. will check out you wedding photos later

@hoodphotography - yeah, first time i saw one too, maybe they are super rich, their bridal car is a jaguar! :)

@iblowfish - thanks! :)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Great photo! I love it! It speaks volumes about hope, love, and future!

travelphilippines said...


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