Monday, November 26, 2007

lrt morning ride

early morning ride at the LRT (around 8:30AM), approaching a curvy station

starting to get crowded in here

my view of the driver got totally blocked off after four stations

N.B. photos taken using my camera phone


Anonymous said...

Amazing set of photographs. All your friends and neighbors are on the train with you. Well, maybe not friend, but probably neighbors.

Nice post.

Birds, Bugs and Beasts

pusa said...

thanks oldmanlincoln! actually i dont know a single soul inside the train =)

just my fellow lrt rider =)

bertN said...

I am amazed how clean it is. Does it stay this way all through the day?

pusa said...

yest bertn! i guess it helps that they dont allow foods/beverages inside the train, and i know that at the end of the line or at the last station, they have sweepers.

you would be surprised too to know that there's no graffiti inside the trains and the stations =)

Mo said...

Wow, from your camera phone. Great shots!

bertN said...

It is gratifying to know that graffiti and dirts are absent from our trains. In some of the major cities in US and in Europe this is not so.

Sidney said...

We need more LRT lines criss crossing the whole of Metro Manila. From Muntinlupa to Valenzuela. Would ease the traffic.

reyna elena said...


I am never allowed to take pics sa LRT, for some weired reasons guards always see my camera! Hmpt!

Curly said...

Incredibly clean trains you have there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this sudden request but this picture will appear in BusinessMirror's March 12, 2008 issue. Thanks. Your blog is credited. thefutureliesahead. Yahoo.

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