Sunday, November 25, 2007

you're my inspiration

I got tagged, well sort of an award from HRH Reyna Elena, Elay and Diwata.... I'm really touched for they think that this blog is worth something. This tag have different rules but as with all other meme's i have to pass this on and share with you the bloggers that inspired me.

Here's the list of blogs that i frequent on a daily basis, more than thrice a day actually (that's how i love their blogs).... and when i grow up i wanna be all of them! =)

Sidney of My Sari Sari Store. He's not Filipino but he's more Pinoy than most people I know. His photos are magnificent (coffeetable book and magazine quality) and i love his portraits (he can capture the subject's soul in his photos). He knows and has attended almost all the festivals in the Philippines, some festivals i didnt even heard nor read till i come saw his blog. And he loves Quiapo, the place you shouldn't forget to visit while in Manila.

SeƱor Enrique of Wish You Were Here
. Has lived in New York but preferred to go back and live in Manila, shares my passion and love for this city. His photos are superb (he's the winner of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards - Photoblog of the Year) and the stories he tell are simply amazing. He knows Manila and shares it with his readers with a passion and if you thought you know Manila that well, think again... this man knows more stuff about manila than any manilenyo put together.

Abraham Lincoln of Brookville Daily Photo. His passion and dedication to wildlife and photography is simply admirable. His photos are spectacular (ala national geographic quality), and he knows his birds and wildlife that frequent his yard. This 70+ year old man has the patience i can never have or learn.

Eric of Paris Daily Photo. The man who started it all, the one responsible for the daily photo community. He never fail to post beautiful photo of Paris everyday, bringing us a glimpse of how it is to live in the city of light.

HRH Reyna Elena. I dont know what is so addicting with her blog... if its her wit, her charm, her passion with OFWs... maybe all of that and a lot more. She writes in a funny way that makes me laugh out loud. Her stories doesnt only bring you laughter but also gives you "in your face insight" on issues that matter. She gives you stories that doesn't seem to make sense but somehow you find yourself nodding with what she's saying. And i loved her more when i met her royal highness!

Corey of Tongue in Cheek. I love the way she weaves her stories and share it with the world... oh how she can create beautiful words around a photo. She loves antique and anything old (i guess that's what attracted me to her blog at first... our affinity to old things). If you're feeling down or just need to lighten up your feelings, just go to her blog and you'll find peace in her words of wisdom... that's how i feel whenever i visit her blog!


oldmanlincoln said...

I am stunned! I had no idea such a thing was even around much less be that popular anywhere. Thanks for the link and write up. You are special.

joy said...

I agree with your selection of blogs. They are indeed worth visiting more than once a day.

I, too, love Manila. That's why I'm there twice a year! :D Hope to see on the 16th of December, 6pm, ATC.

I don't have your mobile number yet!

Thanks for swinging by Norwich Daily Photo.

Art L said...

I share your appreciation of Sidney
and Senor Enrique. They are both selfless and giving. More power to
them and to you. Thanks for posting this list of websites.

Rick Whitman said...

I agree with your listing, and I too visit those sites daily. However, you missed a good one, "Shanghai Daily Photo Blog." It's author, Jing, is an excellent photographer and she writes with a warm, sweet accent, much like my Philippina wife.

Clueless in boston said...

Good listing of the sites you visit and why you like them. BTW, I very much like the picture you posted too:)

Sidney said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I don't deserve them but it feels good to get a word of praise. It makes all the efforts to maintain a blog worthwhile.

Of course you can't add your own blog but it deserves to be on the list. I like the nice way you document your city. I can feel your love for Manila.
And you really belong to the group of people who are blogging about Manila and the Philippines.

Jilly said...

What a beautiful scene, not to mention a fabulous photograph.

I adored your Lovebirds posting.

pusa said...

@oldmanlincoln - you deserve it and i really am a fan, thank you

@joy - i really do appreciate them and glad you like them too, cant wait to see you on the 16th =) ive emailed you my mobile number na

@artl - those two guys are really amazing and i've told them countless times i think that im their fan =)

@clueless in boston - thanks glad you like them

@rick - thanks, say hi to your wife =) i'll check out jing's blog

@sidney - you do deserve them and much more! remember i'm your fan =)

@jilly - thanks a lot, really appreciate it

elay said...

hi pusa!
i am so glad i tagged you - and now you're able to share all these other wonderful blogs! inisa-isa ko pa talaga sila..i would have never known this beautiful sites existed..tnx for that!

tongue in cheek said...

Thank you Pusa for your generous thoughts about my blog. Now I feel pressured to be grown up and inspiring ;)

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