Friday, November 16, 2007

wanna ride?


Olivier said...

voila ce qu'il nous faudrait en France pour pouvoir aller travailler pendant la grève. Un très beau cote nostalgique.
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

Voila what we need in France to go to work during the strike. A beautiful symbol of nostalgia.
I wish you a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo. A good-looking horse who is very dedicated to his job.

bertN said...

I didn't know calesas are still allowed in the more upscale areas of Manila. I know caratelas (the one that has more passenger seats) were a nuisance in our old neighborhood but they served a useful purpose of transporting people around.

peter said...

parang alamko ito ha??? malapit na ito sa round table!!!

pusa said...

@olivier - yeah this calesa could help the ongoing strike at paris! =)

@oldmanlicoln - thanks,

@bertn - calesa's still ply along certain manila areas

@peter - your right kid, i was standing in front of planetarium

Sidney said...

They are popular in tourist areas and in Binondo where locals still use them.

Nice picture with the Manila Hotel as background!

Shannon said...

eto ba yung kabayo na hinimatay? btw, nice blog! CHeers!

pusa said...

@sidney - thanks, when i saw the calesa coming, i really waited for the them to be on that spot :)

@shanoon- hindi naman at buti na lang :) thanks for dropping by

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