Sunday, November 04, 2007


i dunno what is it about sculptures that you can see in cemeteries and tombstones... they look so mysterious and much more interesting.


elay said...

hey very nice pictures!

its amazing how you make the details very interesting, given that these are things that we normally take for granted..

keep posting! i like your blog..

pusa said...

thank you elay really appreciate it =)

Anonymous said...

I guess they are there to represent the hopes of the people buried below. I don't know why but they are seldom or not used here now. Our cemeteries used to be filled with statues and then suddenly nobody uses them anymore. I am guessing they just cost too much to buy.

Nice post today. Also enjoyed your post yesterday. Nice work you do.


Art L said...

I think it has somthing to with
the beliefs and practices of the people who are burying their dead.
Now a days a simple cross or a marker would suffice. There is even a coice for cremation.
During the time of the pharaohs and
chinese emperors these burial
practices were more complex and elaborate.

pusa said...

@oldmanlincoln - i guess you were right, and i also noticed that these statues are old, most tombs just have plain cross nowadays. and thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you

@art - very true, thanks for visiting =)

Mo said...

Very nice.

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