Saturday, November 03, 2007

jollibee rizal park

Jollibee store at Rizal Park, located at the Kalaw St. corner. I like this store because even though they had an expansion, they managed to keep the trees alive and instead of cutting down the trees they made an adjustment in the store layout and even made the trees a part of their store decoration. I wish all building owners would follow this example and think twice before cutting down trees.


GMG said...

Loved to come back here and find some beautiful pictures: the theme blue is wonderful, and the eco-conscient business here is quite interesting. Amazing solution! Have a great weekend!

pusa said...

@gmg - glad you liked my photos and thank you for visiting... i really hope all developers and building owners follow suit in this preservation of trees =) have a great weeeknd too

Anonymous said...

love the store so much!!!jolly people!!

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