Wednesday, October 17, 2007

taal volcano

This is the mouth of Taal Volcano (to know more about this beautiful volcano click here), yeah it's at Batangas, a province south of Manila but i wanted to share this with you, since it was in local news that the Philippines wanted to sell deadly volcanoes as tourist attraction. And with this photo, i guess you all had to agree that volcanoes, dangerous they may be are a beauty.

This photo was taken last year when me and my cousins decided to go inside the volcano (been inside the volcano twice!), from their place we rode a small banca (a 30 minute ride)then another 30min or so to hike up the volcano, and that photo is taken at the top, then another 30min to go down inside the volcano. The hike downhill is harder not because the slope is steep but the sand we're walking on are hot to the feet. They say that the lake in the volcano have healing stuff so we decided to try the water, it's luke warm but you can smell the sulfur... the 2nd time i went inside the volcano the alert level was up and you can see smoke coming up.

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