Thursday, October 11, 2007

the altar

This is what the altar of the Sto. Niño de Tondo look. Isn't it impressive? I can't really remember if they have this intricate design before or this was just newly added. You would notice that there's a lot of people in front, they are having their picture taken (this is just right after the baptismal rights)... I've told you from yesterday post that we just got in time, right after we walk in the caretaker closed the main door and were just waiting for these people to finish the photo session. i am the last one who left and right after i get out i heard the loud thud of the side door closing behind me.

Maybe they are just closing the door for lunch break or whatever and have opened it again for an afternoon mass, didnt stay long enough to check.

Anyways, here's the closer look at the altar.


maria elisa said...


Olivier said...

c'est magnifique, je suis sous le charme. bravo pour la photographe

it is splendid, I am under the charm. cheer for the photographer

Sidney said...

Good they didn't locked you up inside the Church !

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