Tuesday, October 09, 2007

central market

I visited the Central Market last Sunday and i was surprised to find it rehabilitated... and was a bit disappointed at how it looks now, it somehow lost its appeal to me (or i am just too fond of anything old). I know that there were some talks about rehabilitating it since the building is ready to collapse and all but seeing the new market is a shock for me, it now just look dull. Though i appreciate them putting up this stained glass.

I dunno, it's just that when i went there i was so eager to take photos of how lively is that place, selling everything and anything you can think of (just like Divisoria). I still just cant believe how very different it is now from what i remembered it as a young child. My mother used to bring me here when she wants to buy potted plants (well the closest thing you can be with nature in this urban jungle is a potted plant) or when we'll need decor for the house and stuff, this is where we go. Sigh!


Sidney said...

The price of progress!

Olivier said...

la fresque est vraiment tres belle. cela donne beaucoup de charme à ce marché

the fresco is really very beautiful. that gives much charm to this market

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