Monday, October 15, 2007


These two gentleman are fishing at the Manila Bay, dunno if the fish they can catch here are edible... personally i don't have the patience to sit still and wait to catch fish, i guess i'm not cut to be a fisher... i'll prefer to buy fish in the market anytime. :)

I'd been tagged by PaB to list down 8 random facts about me. I've done this before in my personal blog, check it out for the complete info, i'm just going to list it here.

1. i love hello kitty
2. i hate vegetables
3. i can eat anything and never gain weight
4. i dont believe in relationships
5. i really have trouble distinguishing left and right
6. i'm not into sports
7. i love to read
8. i love the philippines

These are the rules:
1. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
2. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
3. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs

...and i am now tagging

reyna elena the queen of OFWs
Señor Enrique of wish you were here
Sidney of my sari-sari store
olivier of every daily photo
purnell of travel philippines
ely of beyond the horizon
edong of inverse tu tuldok
kristine of all in my head


Glenn Standish said...

A nice relaxing shot! Greetings from TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO here in Poland. Do pop in today as we have a special competition...about a donkey!!! There is a prize at stake!

Sally said...

I'm with you - not a fisher either!

Sorry I haven’t visited as much as I would like lately. I have been hellish busy, not least because I am standing for election as a presidential officer in our teacher union – lots of extra campaigning work, and also trying to keep the home fires burning, and the blog going!

Sydney Daily Photo

travelphilippines said...

hehe thanks for tagging me hmmmm medyo bussy pa aketch bat i will answer ll the intrigues on my next post hehe.

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