Monday, October 08, 2007


Your eyes don't deceive you, this usually busy street is unusually deserted yesterday... all because Manny Pacquiao had a televised untitled match over Marco Antonio Barrera dubbed "Pacquiao Barrera II: Will to Win". Most Filipinos were glued to their television sets watching and waiting for Pacman to beat Barrera, which he did!

Boxing is really loved by Filipinos especially if the match involves Pacquiao, and whenever there is a Pacquiao game, it becomes a national event.. where people from all walks of life unite and watch with anticipation, and you can credit Pacman for a zero rate crime for the whole duration of his fight.

I wish Pacman will have a match this December, then i can do my Christmas shopping on that event to be sure i'll have all the stores by myself :)


Olivier said...

il y a des moments dans la journée où on a l'impression de vivre dans une ville fantôme, belle photo

moments ago in the course of the day when one has the impression to live in a phantom city, beautiful photo

Art L said...

Finally, a proof that a Pacquaio
fight literally empties
the streets of Manila.

Sidney said...

I didn't watch... too much commercials!

Reyna Elena said...


Same thing in Philadelphia! Several years ago, the Phillies and the Blue Jays were hitting it off in a championship in Toronto. The normally busy highway of I-95 is a virtual ghost street with no cars!

The Phillies is in the news again...too bad they lost in the first 2 games now, but everytime they play, the city seems to stop!

So... I may not be interested in watching Pakyaw, I feel you Manila!

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