Thursday, October 18, 2007


Meet Bulak (means cotton in english), my cousin's beautiful dog. I dont really like dogs because i'm afraid of them... but Bulak changed my opinion of dogs and somewhat lessen my fear of dogs. He's big and really scary when i met him... he pounces and is very eager to show his affection to anyone who arrives, but since i'm afraid of his kind, i shriek and hide away from him. But my little nephew wasnt afraid of him and bravely patted the dog who seems to liked it, and he also wants to be scratch in the tummy, i got curious and tried to get a little closer to him to take his photo and he readily smiled for me. How about you? Are you afraid of dogs as well?


oldmanlincoln said...

He is a nice-looking dog. I suppose, when you were small, you had some experience with a dog that makes you afraid of them today. They are, for the most part, wonderful animals and once you overcome your fear of them, they make lifelong companions who accept you for who you are and not anything else.

Jilly said...

Really nice dog. Wonder what he is. Looks a bit like a Pyrenean Shepherd dog but suspect he's bigger.

No, I love dogs although can be scared of some. Depends on the look in the eye. I couldn't live without a dog - preferably plural. they teach us so much, are good for us as we are for them. Once you love a dog, you've lost your heart forever.

PaB said...

What a nice friend !
Jilly, I guess you're right he is close to Pyrenean Shepherd dog.
We had one ten years ago we called it "La toune" (pronounced toon).

Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Don't be afraid of dogs. When you see one that you'd like to pet, just extend your hand and let the dog smell you. Most will respond with a sniff and a lick, that's how they say "nice to meet you." :)

Shy ones will walk away from an outstretched hand, that's how they say "leave me alone."

lv2scpbk said...

Nice looking dog. No, I've never been afraid of dogs. I always had a dog since I was young and I love them. They can be the best companions.

pusa said...

thank you all for commenting, i know its ridiculous of me to be afraid of dogs, but just hearing them bark made me cringe with fear, as if they can eat me alive!!!

@fenix - are you sure the dog wont bite off my hand if i stretch it to them, sorry am really afraid

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