Sunday, January 04, 2009

manila floating hotel and restaurant

Manila Floating Hotel and Restaurant, docked at the Pier 15 , Port Area Manila, just near the Manila Hotel (seen in the photo as well) since the ship is now owned by the Manila Hotel and serve as an overflow hotel and restaurant. i haven't tried dining here yet but its on my list now because i found the ships history interesting. (By the way, i took this photo from the Fish Spa at the Manila Ocean Park)

The ship's first name was MS Augustus was a 27,090 GRT, luxurious ocean liner built in 1950 for Italian Line. It was designed to sailed on Italy-South America route, run with three classes, the ships' interior were designed to have full air conditioning and swimming pools for each of three classes to make the ship looked like a luxurious hotel and to be the symbol of modern technology.

The Augustus was retired from service in January 1976. On January 15, 1976, she was laid up in Naples. She was sold to Hong Kong and was renamed Great Sea. After a little use, she was renamed Ocean King in 1980. And in 1983, she was renamed Philippines. At that time, she served as an accommodation ship in Manila. She was renamed President in 1985. However, she was laid up in Kaohsiung, and in 1987, she was renamed Asian Princess and in 1997, she was moved to Subic Bay, where she was converted into cruising. However, the ship was failed in making money in this venture. Then she was moved and place at an at anchorage off Manila. She was dry-docked at Subic Bay in mid 1998, and in February 1999, she returned to Manila, where she was refitted and now serve as a floating hotel and restaurant.


babooshka said...

That was really interesting

migu said...

Ang ganda ng angle of shot mo...and nice info din.

Anonymous said...



ive a great experience in MFHR!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi is it possible to go inside and take a look?
I hard to find? and is it better to take a taxi or you can walk around safely?
Thank you

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