Friday, January 30, 2009


our next stop in my Big Binondo food WOK is this hole in the wall shop (can only seat about 12 persons) that offers unique siomai in chinatown, they made it by hand, you can actually see how they make the siomai and instead of the usual steaming, they boil it just like how you'll cook palitaw, and they also grind their own pork so you'll really get 100% meat. even though i dont eat vegetables, and their siomai is full of leaves i dunno, i still love its taste (must be also because i love eating siomai). they also serve hot tea that is delicious too.
and they have another version, it's kinda like fried siomai but they presented it differently like a pancake and it taste good too!
this is how they acutally prepare their siomai, right in front of the store.

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payatot said...

nakakagutom naman yang mga pinapakita mo..sarap tuloy kumain...

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