Monday, December 08, 2008

manila hotel

Manila Hotel
One Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (63+2) 527-0011

The Manila Hotel is a 570-room, five star hotel in Manila, Philippines, located in the heart of the Manila Bay area. The Manila Hotel is the oldest premiere hotel in the Philippines, built in 1909 to rival MalacaƱang Palace, where the Philippine president now lives, and opened in 1912. It was built on 3.5 hectares (376,736.9 sq ft) of land along Roxas Boulevard and was the residence of General Douglas MacArthur from 1935 to 1941.

To design the Manila Hotel, William Howard Taft hired William E. Parsons, a New York architect, who envisioned an impressive, but comfortable hotel, along the lines of a California mission, but grander. The original design was an H-shaped plan that focused on well-ventilated rooms on two wings, providing grand vistas of the harbor, the Luneta, and Intramuros. The top floor was, in fact, a large viewing deck that was used for various functions, including watching the American navy steam into the harbor.

During World War II, Manila Hotel was occupied by Japanese troops, and the Japanese flag was flown above the walls for the entirety of the war. The hotel survived the bombing of Manila and was later reconstructed.

Manila Hotel's main lobby was designed for sitting as well as for making grand entrances. Measuring 125 feet (38 m) long by 25 feet (7.6 m) wide, the lobby is lined with white Doric columns. The floor is Philippine marble, the chandeliers are made of brass, crystal and seashells, the furniture is carved out of Philippine mahogany which is used throughout the hotel.


babooshka said...

That looks very swanky, pristine and I'm assuming expensive.

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awesome! wish ko mag dinner dyan haahahah

ukay said...

Ito ba yung manila hotel nag check check in yun mga bayani natin sa unang panahon?

Anonymous said...

can i made a web for u...

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