Monday, January 05, 2009

year end sale

The holiday is officially over and so are the year end sale run by different malls and stores. Hope you took advantage of the best shopping season and enjoyed your loot as well. I guess a lot of stores and merchant participated in the sale because for one they know that people still ave some money to spend, and i've heard that a big chunk of their revenue is during the holidays, hope they sell well too since the business wasnt really good this year due to recession and economic slump. But hey still looking forward to a better year though. (Photo: a display at Mango store enticing customers with their 70% mark down)

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bertn said...

Don't you find it amazing that the item you want to buy before Christmas is dirt cheap after? I learned my lesson well, I (if I do and very seldom at that) usually go on a buying binge after the holidays when the prices of most merchandise go south. Why go with the crowd when you can go cheap on your own LOL.

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