Sunday, January 25, 2009

chinese new year's eve

Tonight, the Chinese will celebrate their new year's eve, and it is celebrated big here in the Philippines, specially in Binondo area aka Chinatown, where most residents are tsinoys or mestizos who are half chinese, half filipino.
Chinese have lots of tradition when celebrating the new year, which we filipinos have also acquired, as you can see in the photo above, there are vendors selling a lucky pineapple adorned with sintores or dalanghita. according to the chinese, pineapple is a lucky fruit
walsking around chinatown, you'd also notice vendors selling garlic, ginger, and taro, with red ribbon tied to it, am not exactly sure what these root crops represent but io guess the cihinese also consider them lucky.
and of course, whenever new year is coming we always have to have fruits... lots of fruits
the charms and ornaments are part of the cinese tradition, most feng shui experts would recommend a certain jewel or glass or ornament that you should put strategically in your home.
and the star of the table - the delicious tikoy! made of sticky /glutinous rice and is usually round, most chinese give tikoy to friends and relative on new year's day because it is believed to be lucky.

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brattcat said...

Beautiful series of photos. Thank you for sharing the celebration with us.

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