Thursday, December 06, 2007

port area , manila

The port area, manila... as seen aboard MV Doulos. Seen afar is the Bureau of Customs beautiful building, but what really prompted me to snap this photo is the beautiful blue sky, it provided a really good painting like background to the building, dont ya think so too?


Anonymous said...

very beautiful capture

Sidney said...

Quite rare... the light here is often very harsh when the sky is blue. It is almost a Belgian sky ! ;-)
In fact it doesn't look like Manila at all...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the sky adds a lot to the scene of the city. Nice photograph.

pusa said...

thanks evlahos and oldmanlincoln!

@sidney - yeah it's quite different from the typical dark blue sky that we get, that's why i lingered for a while at mv doulos while eating pizza, just gazing at this beautiful sky =)

Joy said...

A wonderful sky! Gets me more excited than I already am!

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cheh said...

Very gorgeous shot! I adore blue blue skies! I always do.Not getting any of these in the past week.Puro kulimlim lang :(

Aura said...

Love the photo!You are right ,the sky added beauty to it..
I once took a nice photo of a blue sky in palawan,it was a pity i did´nt have a good camera then.

elay said... u've been aboard the boat..! i'm flying to manila on friday to catch MV Doulos..they'd be docked till 23rd pa di ba?...i hope i got the schedule right..

pusa said...

elay, yep you can still catch them you got the schedule right :)

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