Thursday, October 09, 2008

anson building

Anson Building, Makati City

I was like a kid when i saw the Anson's Appliance building glowing! the whole building is lighted and i was really amazed to see the colors changing, yeah its my first time to see one like this LOL. i dunno when did they install those lights cause its been a while since i went to that area and i love it!!! i really hang out at the walkway between glorieta and landmark just to capture the building while changing its colors, *grin* (oh yeah, these stuff can easily make happy)

Located between The Landmark and Shangri-la Hotel. The Anson building is seven story tall with the 5 upper levels dedicated to parking. Anson's spacious showcase is in the ground floor housing mostly audio-visual appliances of which the ever coveted multi-brand wide screen LCD TVs are prominently displayed. Other home appliances and the like can be found in the 2nd floor as well as other specialized stores & salons. to know more where the shopping malls are located in Makati please click here


YoungCanWalk said...

HAHAHAH buhay pa pala ansons! OMG may nag shopping pa ba jan? We used to go there... Alala ko maganda ang ansons pag pasko may mga CDO? sa bubungan

BCS said...

Whoa!!! That looks magnificent! Gotta to see that for myself!

Art L said...

Nice Link - very informative. Got to see those
appliace stores and see how their products compare with San Antonio's. Specially their

pusa said...

@young - hehehe bago lang yan jan, baka un lumang pwesto yun sinasabi mo peor di ko rin sure lam mo naman may pag kaengeng ako minsan sa mga lugar hahaha

@BCS - it is wonderful!! yeah better check it out

@art L - lol gonna do your early christmas shopping?

babooshka said...

Ineteresting sight all those different colours at different times.

metromanila said...

Ang tawag nga nila dito ay 'Manila Water Cube' hehe. At nauna siya dun sa Beijing.

Anonymous said...

That building is called "The Link", not Anson

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