Thursday, October 16, 2008

martyrdom of jose rizal 2

a close up shot of the life sized sculpture depicting Jose Rizal on his final day on this earth. the plaque below states that this is the exact spot where he stood on that fateful day


Hilda said...

I like your pov here! Much more interesting than other photos I've seen taken from the side.

Love your 'Monoblocks' photo too!

(Whee! I got in again! Sometimes I do then the computer hangs when I click on 'comments.' Drives me nuts, mostly because I can't figure it out.)

Missy said...

Hi I like your blog (and of course your shots), showing off the beauty of Manila. I just found out that there are lots of places to visit in Manila. More power to your blog and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

ganyan ka ba ka martir sa akin?

-footh fetish-

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