Thursday, October 30, 2008

praying angel

It has been a tradition to pray for the dead as part of remembering them during All Souls Day and some even offer a Mass, but nowadays it seems that people forget to say even just a little prayer when visiting the cemetery.

All Saints' Day (also called All Hallows), often shortened to All Saints, is a feast celebrated on November 1, in terms of Roman Catholic theology, the feast commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in heaven. While All Souls' Day which is celebrated every 2nd of November commemorates the faithful departed. The Roman Catholic celebration is based on the doctrine that the souls of the faithful which at death have not been cleansed from venial sins, or have not fully atoned for mortal sins, cannot attain the beatific vision in heaven yet, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the Mass.

I just find it weird that here in the Philippines most people celebrate the Day of the Dead during All Saints Day, do you know why?

Photo: An angel praying atop a mausoleum at La Loma Cemetery.

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