Wednesday, October 08, 2008

national museum of the Philippines

Pambansang Museo / National Museum of the Philippines
Padre Burgos Street, Ermita, Manila

I've posted a photo of the Pambansang Museo from a different angle before, but that photo was taken using my camera phone. Anyways here's the back entrance to the National Museum although this door isn't used.


Anonymous said...

The back entrance is the exit maybe. It looks nice enough to be the front entrance. Wow and all those steps up to a door you can't get in. LOL

Art L said...

Look at those big columns, reminiscent of the
columns of the acropolis building in Athens.
They actually looked perfectly aligned.
Without the tools that we have now the greeks of more than two years ago did something to the building to achieve an 'illusion of perfect alighnment'.

G said...

Ang ganda! :-)

fLOR.. said...

iTS reALLy beAutiFuL aND mAnificEnt OUtsidE anD iNsiDe.. ^_^

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